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Hello, if you’re reading this you are having more problems and you have adjusted the thread tension as far as it will go and the thread is still bunching up on the bottom of the material!

You’re really flustered and ready to pack the machine and put back in storage or throw it out, well I am going to try and walk you through ways to fix this problem.

We have to remember that it is a machine and needs to be cleaned and maintained same as any machine. 

You take your car in and have it looked at and have a tune-up so that it runs smooth and gets you from point A to B right!

 1.  Check to make sure machine is threaded correctly
Make sure you have the thread in the disk going around and up through the spring tension up through the take-up and down through the thread guides.
2. Check needle, some of singer machines insert with the flat side of needle faces front of

(Pictures from 1941 Manual Singer Manufacturing Co.)
machine, 15-, 201-2 221, 222, 301, and others and the 66, 99 and a few others are opposite, and make sure needle is new or has no hooks or tip is not flat.
Check rotary that the finger is in space on bottom side of needle plate
(B2 and A2)


(Pictures from 1941 Manual Singer Manufacturing Co.)
and that the rotary hook is in great condition and is free of thread.  You may have to loosen the two set screw and remove rotary and take apart to remove any thread that may be wrapped around it and put a drop of sewing machine oil on the moving parts attach back to machine.


Make sure bobbin in bobbin case correct drawing string clockwise off of bobbin.

Sew a few stitches with tension set around 3 ½ - 4 on setting, if you still have thread bunching up on bottom side of material we need to concentrate on the thread tension assembly.

When you lift the presser foot lever to up position does the thread tension release?

Check your spring does it have good tension or is it weak?

When you turn the dial does it turn all the way or does it catch in spots before turning from 0-9?

Ok, if all these check out and are working what we do next, I have found that the thread tension is a touchy part we may need to take it off the machine and clean & re-adjust it.


Take off the face plate and loosen the set screw, take off the little screw holding the chrome thread guide to the tension assembly and take a screw driver and insert into tension with fingers pull lightly towards you while turning tension back and forth with screw driver (If your not comfortable doing this then you may have to take to repair shop) until you have it removed.

The first thing to do is if you have a manual get it out it has a picture of the tension and its parts, have this handy in case you are unsure of how it goes back together.  Now, since you have it out clean the machine area of tension first then take apart the assembly by unscrewing the thumb nut and lay out the parts in the order they go back on.




Clean the parts as needed from dirt or oil build-upIf your not comfortable doing this take to repair shop.

When you have cleaned it and all parts look to be in good shape put back together but before putting back in your machine check the spring “T” to make sure there is some tension and that it is working correctly.

 If it doesn’t feel to have any tension or is light you can pull the spring up and adjust to the left one tooth or as needed.


I just had a machine that I was sewing with and when I turned over the material I was sewing, the top thread had made a mess on the bottom side.  I adjusted the spring and it fixed the problem and the machine sews great now.  If your machine is clean unlike this tension which as you can see is dirty needs to be cleaned but adjusting the spring fixed the machine.  There are so many things that can cause problems and you just need to take the time and clean and adjust these parts and your ready to sew, I know that not everybody is comfortable doing this but it is an easy fix.



There is one more thing if this doesn’t fix the problem the part “E”.   I have seen the

center of this may be bent out and is causing the tension pin “J” not to protrude out far enough to work proper and may need replacing.  This usually happens from pulling up to hard on pressure release lever.  Take it off machine and lay on bench take a small punch and lightly tap it towards the direction of the machine will fix the problem but be sure not to hit to hard or you will break it.

I hope this was helpful,



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